Funky Bob is an indie street fighter-maze exploration game, with cartoon like animations, adrenaline packed fighting action, and captivating funk music.
The game is under development for PC, Mobile, and possibly Xbox platforms.


Funky Bob is not your ordinary kid. Bob is in a load of trouble, with the likes of Frecklebutt, Stinker, and Sheetball all after Bob, to deliver him a beating he won't forget. (For reasons why?...Best not to ask!)

Don't worry, not all hope is lost, remember, Bob is no ordinary kid. Aside from his funky strut, Bob can deliver heavy left hand slaps that will make you see stars!

Regardless, Funky Bob must find his way through various situations without being ganged up on by his enemies. Run, jump, collect donuts, avoid traps, and slap your way through various settings in this action packed game. But beware,Funky Bob is a wanted man.